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Drawings and Thirst Debris

Ann Greene Kelly

Published in 2017
9 x 12 inches
28 pages
Staple Bound
ISBN 978-0-9906448-5-9

Edition of 100
Ann's drawings often start with an isolated object, whatever she wants to draw: a figure, a bottle, a set of curtains. From there, the drawings are created by elaborating the world around this initial object. An expressive series of psychological and domestic tableaux emerge.

The collages in this book are assembled from the packaging of the tea and beer she consumes in her studio (Celestial Seasonings and Sierra Nevada). Both of these brands present their drinker with an image of peaceful escape through consumption. Ann’s collages introduce the two brands escapist worlds to her own process of world building. With an accumulated stockpile of beverage packaging, she is able to re-represent the idyllic landscapes and characters of the product labels in surprising new contexts: comic, subjective and ranging from the absurd to mundane
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