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Juwelia : Paintings

Juwelia Soraya
/ Stefan Stricker

Design by Hagen Verleger
Published in 2016
7.28 x 9.45 inches (185 x 240 mm)
70 pages
Perfect bound
ISBN 978–0–9906448–1–1

Edition of 1000
“After all, the paintings aren’t supposed to pose riddles but to make you feel happy, and to transform the real world into something quite different, something new.”
— Juwelia

This catalogue is the first assembled collection of paintings (and many self-portraits) by the Berlin based artist Juwelia and highlights the breath of his*her practice in a series of autobiographical works from in and around Berlin. Juwelia is also known for his*her welcoming and fantastical gallery space Galerie Studio St. St. in Neukölln, opened in 2007 with shows every Friday and Saturday night. N.B. A handful of the paintings have depictions of the police as fascists - this is the German equivalent of ACAB.
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