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Margaret van Eyck, Vol.2

Hagen Verleger, ed.

 September 2018
4 ¼ × 7 inches
184 pages
Perfect bound softcover book
18 b&w illustrations

Edition of 500
The publication Margaret van Eyck – Renaming an Institution, a Case Study (Volume Two: Comments, Contexts, and Connections), edited by book designer and researcher Hagen Verleger, is the second of a two-volume endeavour documenting Margaret van Eyck, an ongoing, collaborative research project at the intersection of feminist intervention, institutional critique, and the politics of (re-)naming, initiated by Verleger during a residency at Van Eyck, Maastricht.

The second of two books functions as a commentary on what is documented in the first one. It is what could be called a sourcebook, a collection of ‘readings’ and contextualisations of the project, containing a series of texts (academic papers, essays, conversations, and poems) that reference Margaret van Eyck in one way or another: from explicitly examining (even problematising) specific dynamics within the project to tangentially suggesting kindred ways of thinking in their own practice. With contributions by Afro Xylanthé, Alexandra Phillips, Dominique Hurth, Hagen Verleger, Katherine MacBride, Levi de Kleer, Luca Soudant, Madelon Hooykaas, Martino Morandi, Matylda Krzykowski, Mia Melvær, Nick Currie, Nina Glockner, Raewyn Martyn, and Sachi Miyachi.

The first book (ISBN 978-1-7320534-0-3), published in March 2018, is a primarily visual (i.e. pictorial) ‘essay’ and comprises of research material, work process ephemera, and photographic documentation of the project, as well as some shorter written pieces.

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